Re-CALLing Vancouver

For the past 2 years, SLA has been my choice conference to attend, but this year, I opted for a new experience, and attended the CALL/ACBD Annual Conference for the first time, held in Vancouver, BC from May 15-18, 2016. While I missed out on the 2016 SLA IT Dance Party in Philly, CALL/ACBD was absolutely incredible. There is something so gratifying about being surrounded by professionals in your field, but even more so when they are all from your niche within the field. There isn't really a need to explain yourself from square one, because everyone there faces the same challenges and obstacles that you do in your everyday work.

I feel honoured to have received a bursary from the Eunice Beeson Memorial Travel Fund, to support my attendance at the CALL/ACBD AGM. Thank you very much to CALL/ACBD for your generosity!

To contrast slightly with my previous conference recaps, I wanted to include something a little different. Upon my return to the office, I was asked to produce a report summarizing my conference experience for my supervisor. This sort of thing actually isn't that uncommon. While reports may seem daunting and time-consuming, they are well worth the effort. A strong report on the conference/seminar/workshop/etc. you attended could serve as evidence to support your attendance at another one. 

While I was working to put my report together, I couldn't find a template or example that seemed to encompass all that I wished to, so I made my own. Please click on the link below to view my submitted report. My hope is that it might help you with your professional development requests in the future.

Report on Conference Attended (re CALL/ACBD 2016)

Of course, what would a conference recap be without a fun infographic? Here are some of the highlights of my CALL/ACBD 2016 experience (created via Piktochart):


For a more comprehensive look into what transpired at the conference, be sure to read the report by Judy Harvie, winner of the 2016 Calgary Law Library Group (CLLG) Education Grant.

All in all, CALL/ACBD was a very worthwhile experience and I am going to try my best to be able to attend again next year in Ottawa, when the city celebrates its 150th birthday!